Want Happy Customers – PLEASE Don’t Do This!

I get home yesterday and saw that I have a letter from the bank.

The same bank that I have had my mortgage with for 14.5 years.

Maybe it’s a “thanks for being a loyal customer” letter.

The letter start with: “Dear Client”


Your mortgage renewal is coming up and we would love to talk about options about renewing.

OK, so I don’t even want to tell you how MUCH money they have made off of us. Not once, have they said thanks, maybe sent me a Tim’s card, something.

On the other hand, I speak at an annual conference for small business owners, and when I return home there is a customized thank you gift waiting for me, just to say thanks.

Can you say thanks? Is it too much trouble to type in my name?

Brutal, if I ran my business like that I would be bankrupt.

And no, I won’t be renewing.

What is the one thing YOU would love to see companies do MORE of?

Shawn Shepheard is a business strategist, coach and speaker who is on a mission to wake up sleeping companies from their slumber.