Shawn's Manifesto

I believe:

  • It takes a tremendous amount of courage to start your own business and it’s the best way to create your ideal life.
  • That playing it “safe” your entire life is dangerous because it holds us back from new experiences, adventures, and learning.
  • In staying curious, and always being actively looking for new ways to learn. Nobody likes being around an arrogant person that “knows it all”.
  • If we don’t enjoy having a beer or coffee together, it’s a no to working together. Having the right “fit” coach for you is critically important. I am NOT for everyone.
  • In a distracted world, the ability to FOCUS is an essential skill to grow your business.
  • The path to growth is a process of doing less, not more.
  • Building winning routines and baking them into your daily schedule leads to predictable growth and happiness.
  • Professionals crave accountability and coaching, amateurs avoid it.
  • Being consistent wins the day.
  • All growth starts with looking at yourself in the mirror and being self-aware of how you show up in the world.
  • Vision is overrated. Taking ACTION, reviewing, and making adjustments wins the day.
  • Who you hang out with matters. Surround yourself with people the energize you.
  • Everything starts with your mindset and energy. Nothing good grows in bad energy.
  • Most strategic plans suck. Without execution and accountability, the plan is meaningless.
  • Saying “I don’t know” and asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.
  • We all have the “voice in our head” that says we don’t belong. The truth is none of us know what we are doing, and admitting that is the first step to peak performance.