We are the company we keep

In my previous life as a traveling keynote speaker and corporate trainer, I got to meet a lot of interesting people. Often, I would find myself going out to dinner with the people who hired me, along with their top sales teams. It always provided a nice opportunity to speak a little more candidly with… Continue Reading

Review the Game Film

I always said I never wanted to be the guy who said things like “back in the old days”, but bear with me here. Back in the old days, if your favourite hockey team didn’t play a very good first period, you knew the coaching staff would spend intermission reviewing plays from the last 20… Continue Reading

What’s the score?

Imagine you missed the beginning of the game. Your favourite team is playing, but you were out at dinner or otherwise tied up. You walk in the door, turn on the TV, and… what? What’s the very first thing you look at? The score. Of course. In the world of sports, this is a no-brainer…. Continue Reading

Owning Your Calendar

A lot of people like the idea of focus time, but they can’t wrap their heads around where to find it in their already-crammed calendars. And I understand where their trepidation comes from, because the truth is that their current calendars probably are crammed. This is where a ‘Stop Doing At All Costs’ list comes… Continue Reading