Shawn's Three Most Requested Keynotes

Harness The Bull

The Counterintuitive Way To Grow Your Business By Leveraging Your Strong Work Ethic To Your Advantage.

I applaud you. Seriously, I do.

While many talk about starting their own business, YOU actually had the courage to do it.

You have the attitude of “figuring it out” along the way and you have no problem rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever it takes.

Sure there were tight times, maybe you maxed out your credit cards and had thoughts of “How am I going to pay the bills”, but you weathered the storm and built a business you are proud of.

But the hours you put in seem to be getting longer, and you are not achieving the results you want.

You know you can’t keep going on like this, but what do you do?

Is this just a phase or how my life is going to be for the next 20 years?

You are proud of your work ethic, and the challenge is how do we harness that work ethic to your advantage and not let it run rampant?

Instead of letting the bull run wild, trying to do everything, harness the bull to the point where your strong work ethic is leveraged to your advantage.

Because what got you here, will not get you to the next level.

In this practical keynote, I will show you how:

  • How to leverage your strong work ethic to grow your business.
  • Move from a transaction business to doing consistent high-leveraged work.
  • All while keeping the values of your business.

In this inspiring and practical 47-minute interactive session, you will hear real-life examples of how owners just like you, built a business and life they love.

You will walk away with...

1. The top three things that growth minded owners do differently
2. The key to you and your company growing is actually a process of you doing less, not more.
3. A clear roadmap of how you can get started today.

Lead Like A Champion

How to focus on the right conversations, the right reflection, and the right stuff to lead you and your team to the next level.

It is the best and worst times to be a leader.

On the one hand, there are golden opportunities around the globe for elite business athletes.

And, the demands on leaders have never been more challenging.
From navigating the new world of in-person and virtual work to meetings, leading our team, marketing, sales and so much more.

We live in a time where we are more connected, yet less connected.

You as a leader want to grow your skills and that of your team, but where do you start, and where will you find the time?
I get it and hear that all the time.

In this inspiring yet practical talk, the business coach who has helped numerous family-owned businesses grow by working 24/7, will take you inside the tactics that his elite business athletes use on a consistent basis to grow themselves, and their business will enjoy more free time for what matters.

You Will Learn:

The most important question to ask to get you started on your journey to becoming an elite business athlete.

The Three Skills to develop to play at your best, with real-life examples.

A clear customized plan for you to start your journey.

“For several years the highlight of our annual conference has been Shawn Shepheard. The audience is laughing one moment, dabbing at a tear the next and all the while being challenged and inspired. He delights all ages and backgrounds and his message is universal. At a recent conference, an octogenarian said, “Shawn teaches me something new about life each time and I am so energized now!!!” And THAT is why we have him back each year.
– Casey Truffo Be A Wealthy Therapist Orange County, California
“Shawn was one of our highest-rated presenters at our 2023 show. He was great to work with – tailored his presentation to our audience. Always positive and upbeat in our time of working together. I look forward to working with him again!”
– Cheryl Higley Director of Education and Content
Snow & Ice Management Association
“As the host of my signature event, Book Breakthrough New York City, Shawn was nothing short of amazing! His style is engaging, entertaining and inspiring – all of which made both our in-room attendees and simulcast audience feel special and right at home. If remarkable is the word you want people to use in describing your event, look no further than Shawn Shepheard.”

– Elizabeth Marshal Co-Founder of Book Breakthrough NYC

Love Your Customer or
Someone Else Will

What if adding new customers could be as simple as loving the ones you already have?

You know that a top priority is keeping your pipeline full of hot leads. Failure to do so typically results in cash flow problems that could hurt your business.

But marketing to keep your pipeline full can be expensive – especially if you’re advertising to an audience who doesn’t know who you are.

Since your existing customers already love you, why not leverage those relationships to acquire new business in the easiest way possible?

Look, growing your business is actually much easier than you think. Instead, all you need is a marketing and branding strategy that will bring your most ideal clients directly to you.

Hint: those potential clients are already within two degrees of separation. Let’s bring them even closer!

During this interactive presentation, you’re going to learn a simple and easy system for monetizing the connections you already have so you can add more revenue to your bottom line. You’ll learn the secrets to inspiring your existing clients to bring new business to you, as well as how to automate your client attraction process.

Have Your Audience Thanking You

For Bringing The Shawn Interactive LIVE Experience to Them