Stop Stepping in Stupid Podcast

Unlike other shows about small business success, only we focus on the hard and hilarious moments someone made a stupid mistake – and the changes they used to brush it off.

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Why Is This For Me?

You’re a small business owner, and you’re working hard to design a better business and a better life. And while you’ve experienced some success, you’re still your own toughest critic. Too often, you start beating yourself up in your head.

“I’m not moving fast enough. I’m not making the right choices. I’m not a ‘real’ entrepreneur without the fame or followers I see from others in the media. I’m not capable enough. I’m not smart enough. I don’t have the fancy degree or pedigree.”

And in your worst moments, that inner critic goes even further: “Maybe I’m stupid.”

No, you’re not. But all of us have moments of doubt and making mistakes. The problem is that people never talk about these things in public. That makes us think we’re the only ones who feel the way we feel.

The thing is, your journey is unique, but one part of it is NOT: We all have moments of stepping in stupid.

Just because you don’t have an MBA from Harvard or a million followers online does not make you less than.

Just because things are hard does not make you bad.

We are not surrounded by enough stories that sound like us, shared by people who share our backgrounds.

As small business owners, we love hanging out with people who won’t bullshit us. But that also means we need to stop bullshitting ourselves and stop apologizing for our backgrounds or doubting our abilities.

I’m Shawn Shepheard. I coach and consult family-owned businesses to get them to the next level – without working 24/7.

Join me on a podcast journey where we explore the moments someone stepped in stupid. These are real conversations, talking about the voices in our heads, the decisions we really made, and the struggles we all have but don’t hear talked about enough away from the coffee shop or the bar.

So, we’re bringing conversations like that onto the show, even talking about the stuff outside our businesses which of course influence us in our work.

These conversations will help you feel seen – but also help you think and execute differently. Because what got you here, won’t get you to the next level.

No BS. No overly-polished sound bites and stories. Just real small business owners freely talking (and laughing) about moments they made mistakes and what they did afterward to brush it off. Because we take our businesses seriously, but not ourselves.

You’re the kind of person who gets knocked down and keeps getting back up. That makes you resilient, capable, driven, and successful. But we all have moments where we make stupid mistakes.

Join us for stories the way YOU would tell them, from people like you.

Join us as we try our hardest… to Stop Stepping in Stupid.