Shawn Shepheard

Shawn and I have worked on and on for more than a decade. And through that decade, I opened two restaurants in New York City, given two stars by The NY Times, featured in an international documentary, wrote a critically acclaimed best selling cookbook, left a relationship that was not working and now I’m well on my way to becoming POTUS! Well, that last part isn’t in my sights but knowing Shawn, if it were, he’d help me get there. Now, my dreams have always been my own, and he helped me prioritize what was important, encouraged me and helped me get to my dreams with integrity and character. Now, in my second act of this three act play, I’m working with him to find out what I want to commit to as my next projects. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

—Nicole Ponseca
Founder - Maharlika Filipino Moderno NYC
As seen on The Chew, New York Times, The Huffington Post, Time Out New York

Shawn Shepheard was my coach over the past year. He has helped me to change my thinking through discussion, listening and most importantly asking me the right questions. Although at first his questions were tough, as they made me face the truth, they brought me to a higher level of thinking and helped me see what was truly important. Shawn is no nonsense 100% authentic. His strategic mindset and goal- oriented approach brought me to approach work and life with a more positive mindset and strategies to deal with tougher times. I would highly recommend Shawn as a coach, he will bring you to where you always wanted to but didn’t know how.

Sr. Executive, Montreal

Inspiring, thought-provoking, and quickly able to see a broad landscape involving multiple disciplines. Shawn knows when to push, when to simplify, and is quickly able to identify which coaching practices will lead to the most significant results. Shawn has a unique ability to see a bigger and better vision with you and will bring you step-by-step through the journey. You'll see bigger improvement than you ever thought possible. Strap in and enjoy the process!

—Scott Johnson
Director of Marketing

It Can Be Very Lonely At the Top

It’s not easy being a leader. If you are overworked, overstressed, and completely exhausted, then you’re in good company!

Throw in the disappointment, frustration, and overwhelm that comes as part and parcel of being an executive, along with the cloak and dagger nature of office politics, and your headaches only increase.

…And all the while, you’re forced to make choices in a constant push and pull between family and career.

Now, you can throw your hands up in the air in despair and say, “Well, Shawn, that’s just the way it is!”

…But I disagree – and what’s more, I have a huge community of business leaders behind me who once thought like you.

As a result of my coaching, they not only rediscovered their work-life balance but also became better leaders known for their vision – and their ability to deliver results.

This Isn’t Just Training – It’s About Self-Transformation

You can take training and development courses until the cows come home… but until you transform your habitual behavior and thinking, your life won’t change.

The Leadership Advantage is all about implementing genuine transformation by working with others –going it alone is always an option, but real success lies in working with others.

First things first: only you can define what success means for you. I’ll help you develop your vision of real success, giving you a real goal to work toward
A vision is great to have – but it’s no good if you don’t make it a reality. We’ll work together to build a roadmap that helps you to make that success vision come true
Over 40 % of everything we do daily is a force of habit, and some habits don’t support us or anyone else! Together, we’ll transform your habits into good habits that drive your success
A success-oriented mindset is a key to everything. Clean out those cobwebs and self-defeating thoughts and transform not just your outlook… but your life
Don’t just walk the walk – talk the talk with training that shows you how to become a vital mind in your industry, making you a valuable asset in your own right

A Word of Warning

I can’t help everyone – and that’s just the honest truth.

If you’re not humble, then we won’t make a good fit.

If your mind is closed to the idea of growth or you lack the curiosity to explore, then this won’t work out.

If you avoid tough conversations and questions and prefer to stick your head in the nearest sand patch, then this is not for you.

If you don’t want anyone to keep you on track, focused, and accountable, just click back now.

Heck, if you’re content just to stick with the status quo, that’s great – but this is not for you.

However, if you have a vision that you’re dying to put out there, but need the tools to make it happen, I’m here – and I’m here to help you without the BS.

Gaining a Leadership Advantage
Makes Trailblazing aSecond Nature

My professional success and personal sanity this year can be directly attributed to Shawn's coaching. No self-help, productivity, or leadership book will provide the personalized actionable items to uncover what matters - it's Shawn's guidance and accountability that will transform the way you think. His coaching sessions have been a key component to fundamentally changing the way I not only work, but live purposefully.

—Christel Marchand Aprigliano

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