I strongly believe in the power of coaching.

I know you might be thinking: “Of course a coach would say that.”

The truth is…. one of the best investments I have made in myself for the past 17 years is hiring coaches to support me and see a future that I couldn’t see on my own.

I am grateful for their support, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without having great coaches in my corner.


Great leaders are great coaches.

But I often hear leaders in business say: “But I am not a coach?”
I hear you, and there is an exceptional short book written by Michael Bungay Stainer called: “The Coaching Habit” that should be on the desk of every leader.
Here are Michael’s 7 Essential Coaching questions:
  1. The Kickstart Question: What’s on your mind?
  2. The AWE Question: And what else?
  3. The Focus Question: What’s the real challenge here for you?
  4. The Foundation Question: What do you want?
  5. The Lazy Question: How can I help?
  6. The Strategic Question: If you’re saying Yes to this, what are you saying No to?
  7. The Learning Question: What was most useful for you?


“This is why, in a nutshell, advice is overrated. I can tell you something, and it’s got a limited chance of making its way into your brain’s hippocampus, the region that encodes memory. If I can ask you a question and you generate the answer yourself, the odds increase substantially.”

– Michael Bungay Stanier, The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever