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Create Your Signature Talk - One Day Intensive

You are a humble business leader and you have experienced a mixture of challenging times, and success.

You know what it’s like to get onto the field of play and take action.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

You have a wealth of experience and feel it’s time to share that experience with a bigger audience.

Having a Signature Talk is a powerful tool to have in your toolbox.

Picture this; you are invited to speak at an industry event. You know it would be a great opportunity, and you want to say yes……but that voice in your head says:

“Who I am to speak to this audience, I am not a good speaker, and don’t want to
embarrass myself or my company.”

Sound familiar?

I get it.

And I am here to help.

Crafting a signature talk that you are proud of, involves preparation and practice.

In the course of my career I have delivered over 400 presentations, to audiences ranging in size from 4 to 1700. And I have seen the good, bad, and really bad, in
other speakers.

In this one day intensive you will…

  • Get clear on the audience you want to speak to.
  • Get clear on what their world looks like to them.
  • Develop your “Big Idea”.
  • Structure your talk around real life stories and examples.
  • Learn processes so that you don’t have to “wing it.”
  • Let your personality shine.
  • Leave with your signature talk ready to begin rehearsing.

“For several years the highlight of our annual conference has been Shawn Shepheard. The audience is laughing one moment, dabbing at a tear the next and all the while being challenged and inspired. He delights all ages and backgrounds and his message is universal. At a recent conference, an octogenarian said, “Shawn teaches me something new about life each time and I am so energized now!!!” And THAT is why we have him back each year.

– Casey Truffo
Be A Wealthy Therapist Orange County, California

Hosted by Kalutas

Wednesday October 26th, 9:00am – 4:00pm

49 Orchard Hill Road, North Andover