The Strategic Focus Program

When was the last time you invested 8 weeks in a row on your vision and your most important goals?

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your career resume is impressive, filled with accomplishments that you are proud of. You have followed a steady path of advancement that has led you to your current leadership position. And now even more is expected of you, and you want to rise to the challenge. You are excited and a little bit nervous.

How can you pull this off, while making time for your family, health, happiness, and everything that is important to you? That’s where I come in.

Helping great leaders become exceptional, on their terms, is what I do. I have a long track record for being the secret weapon for executives and business owners.

It’s about you and your growth. You decide on your most important goals. We provide the structure, tools, and support that give you a new perspective on your business and a fresh way of thinking — and keep you on track to turn your goals into reality.

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities. Coaching helps the best get better.

—Bob Nardelli

How is The Strategic Focus Program Different?

  • It’s an invite only exclusive group. I have a strict “no jerk policy” and the room is filled with seriously successful leaders from across North America.
  • There is follow up and private coaching to keep you on track with YOUR goals.
  • You will learn to use simple and effective tools to tackle your biggest challenges.
  • You are supported between in-person sessions, with private coaching and a proven accountability tool (The Habit Builder).

What is The Format?

  • Two, 1.5 day in-person meetings at Kingbridge Centre (January & March).
  • One night accommodation, three delicious meals and full use of all the facilities are included for each meeting.
  • Three private coaching calls with Shawn.
  • Full use of The Habit Builder to keep you on track with your goals.

What Business Leaders Say About Working with Shawn:

My professional success and personal sanity this year can be directly attributed to Shawn's coaching. No self-help, productivity, or leadership book will provide the personalized actionable items to uncover what matters - it's Shawn's guidance and accountability that will transform the way you think. His coaching sessions have been a key component to fundamentally changing the way I not only work, but live purposefully.

—Christel Marchand Aprigliano

Founder and CEO of Wealthy Thought Leader Andrea J. Lee praises Shawn’s style and results.

Fantastic consultants and strategists like Shawn are hard to find. He is the kind who calls BS in a way that you can actually hear, and guess what? You take action as a result. Shawn is one of the very best connected people I know who adds value with every action he takes. He is profoundly creative, fun to be around, and gets things done. I've had the privilege of working with him, for him, and to be supported by him. In all of the roles he's played, he's been an MVP. The only problem with hiring Shawn or working with him is that you will be called out to be your best, individually, and, and on organizational level. If you can handle that, go for it!

—Andrea J Lee
Founder and CEO of Wealthy Thought Leader

Inspiring, thought-provoking, and quickly able to see a broad landscape involving multiple disciplines. Shawn knows when to push, when to simplify, and is quickly able to identify which coaching practices will lead to the most significant results. Shawn has a unique ability to see a bigger and better vision with you and will bring you step-by-step through the journey. You'll see bigger improvement than you ever thought possible. Strap in and enjoy the process!

—Scott Johnson
Director of Marketing

Shawn and I have worked on and on for more than a decade. And through that decade, I opened two restaurants in New York City, given two stars by The NY Times, featured in an international documentary, wrote a critically acclaimed best selling cookbook, left a relationship that was not working and now I’m well on my way to becoming POTUS! Well, that last part isn’t in my sights but knowing Shawn, if it were, he’d help me get there. Now, my dreams have always been my own, and he helped me prioritize what was important, encouraged me and helped me get to my dreams with integrity and character. Now, in my second act of this three act play, I’m working with him to find out what I want to commit to as my next projects. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

—Nicole Ponseca
Founder - Maharlika Filipino Moderno NYC
As seen on The Chew, New York Times, The Huffington Post, Time Out New York

Your Home for The Strategic Focus Program:

The Kingbridge Conference Centre & Hotel

Every aspect of Kingbridge is designed to inspire creative thinking and activate a new level of team engagement
  • Kingbridge creates an ideal meeting environment and designs customized experiences for helping clients navigate how they come together physically and virtually to innovate and solve problems
  • We provide engagement tools and collaborative problem solving solutions for better critical thinking
  • Our team of specialists offer the highest standards in meeting engagement services
  • Our distraction-free campus is situated on 113 acres of rolling hills and forested trails providing a resort like feel for clients and an ideal setting for deeper group interactions and breakthrough thinking
  • We are considered a tranquil oasis for organizations, families, and friends to relax, play, reconnect and restore themselves on weekends

About Shawn:

Shawn Shepheard is a business strategist, coach, and keynote speaker. Shawn helps great leaders become exceptional, on their terms. Shawn has a long track record of being the secret weapon for executives and business owners. Many of his clients think of him as their private Sherpa—in their corner and helping them reach new heights.

His unique ability is using his raw honesty combined with his sense of humor and adventure to help people reignite the dream vision they’ve always wanted, and provide clarity that gets them excited and moves them into immediate positive action where they’ll become even bigger stars than they already are. Shawn has worked with entrepreneurs across North America, and for global companies including LinkedIn, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, and the YMCA.