The Strategic Advantage

The leaders and companies that are thriving in these challenging times are open to seeing new ways of doing business, fresh thinking, and bias for taking action.

The need for growth-minded leaders is essential for your long-term success.

This invite-only program is designed for leaders that already have a long track record of success.

Lasting change doesn’t happen by hiring a keynote speaker or having a half-day session with no followup.

Learning Alone Doesn’t Create Change.

Ideas Are Only Valuable When applied. Until you commit to transforming your habitual behavior and thinking, your results won’t change.

Learning + Behavior Change = Business Outcomes.

Working with Shawn has been a gamechanger. He asks the right questions that make me dig deep and ensure I am laser-focused on what I want to achieve. I believe Shawn's coaching style is unique and differentiates him from the typical coach. I feel that he genuinely cares and pushes me to drive towards being my best self. He doesn't accept wimpy or vague answers and calls me out (in a great way) if I am sliding from what I said I would deliver. Our sessions are filled with laughter as Shawn is not only astute but has a great sense of humour. Whether you are an executive or entrepreneur, Shawn's coaching will accelerate your growth and success both professionally and personally.

—Sandy Weir
Owner of Smooth Wax Bar

The Strategic Focus Program is all about implementing genuine transformation by working with others – doing it alone is always an option, but real success lies in working with others. Transform Your Mindset and Habits to Hit the Next Level of Success and Go from Being a Good Leader to a Great Leader.

  • BECOME A BETTER LEADER and double down on your best traits so you can guide your organization to the next level (without losing your sanity)
  • ACHIEVE YOUR VISIONARY GOALS with a transformative strategy that redefines how you approach business and gears you up for success
  • WORK WITH A PROVEN COACH with over 20 years of transformative results for successful senior business leadership clients
  • RECLAIM YOUR LIFE and kick stress to the curb by refocusing on the things that truly matter to you: your health, your family, and your friends

Go from Being a Great Leader to Being a Visionary Leader that sees new opportunities with fresh eyes.

Creating a
Clear Vision of

Professionally and
What does success look
like, and how will you
measure it?

Being Intentional
Your Time

Connecting how you
invest your time daily to
support your vision.

Developing Your

What’s possible?
Reviewing what works,
what doesn’t, and
deciding what to change.

Creating Lasting
Results with
Action &

You will commit to a 30-
day action plan and be
set up with the 30 day
“Habit Builder” to keep
you on track and

This 1.5 day retreat will provide you with the strategy, focus and game plan that will set you apart from the crowd.

Total Investment: $2500

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