In my previous life as a keynote speaker and corporate consultant I would meet amazing business leaders across North America.

After delivering a keynote or working with their teams, I would often get invited to dinner.

This is when I would hear the real story.

 I would hear how incredibly stressed they were, how they were expected to be on 24/7, how the demands of the job just kept getting bigger, not to mention the cost of this on their health, family and relationships.

But you know the worst part? 

They would say something to the effect of “well, that’s the cost of being a business leader these days”

And they bought into this story.

There is another way.

If Shawn’s Clients Were A Sports Team
(Shawn’s Greatest Hits)

“Before working with Shawn I didn’t have anyone to keep me focused and accountable on the growth of the business. I am much more focused now on working on the business, and not caught up in the day to day. He is genuine, diligent and has a great strategic mindset, working with Shawn has been game changing.”

– Kevin Cassidy
Founder & President of Cassidy Paving Haverhill, MA

My work with Shawn has been life-changing. I asked for help with a business plan, but ended up selling one business and starting another that was more in line with my unique abilities. Focusing on things I’m passionate about (and good at) has made a tremendous difference in my business and my life. Shawn asks tough questions and gives tight deadlines for “homework” assignments, but doing the work pays off in ways you can’t imagine

Shelby Kinnaird
Author & Founder of Put on Your Apron Chesterfield, VA

“Since I started working with Shawn I have been much more focused and intentional on doing the things that lead to faster and bigger results. He is intense (in a good way), likable, and keeps me laser focused on investing time doing the activities that I am great at. His strategic mindset has helped me create new opportunities. If you want to up level your game, look no further.”

– Jay Culbert
Director Facilities Services Kaloutas Peabody, MA

“Before Shawn I thought I could do it all. I realized how unproductive I was and allowed interruptions. I have since recognized the importance of closing my door and hiring staff that are way better than me. We have exploded because of Shawn.”

– Jillian Burns,
Co-Owner of Burns Landscaping & Snow Management

And it starts with making a courageous decision to bet on yourself and your future.

But let me warn you….coaching is NOT for everyone.

You must be coachable and open to creating a bigger future for yourself.

It starts with making a serious commitment to create lasting change, being accountable to yourself and everyone around you, and not hiding behind excuses.

It’s not for the faint of heart, and I only work with those serious about change.

Are you ready to commit to making a lasting change?

Shawn’s coaching roster is currently full. If you are interested in joining the wait list, please send Camille an email at camilles.contact@gmail.com and briefly describe:

  • Your current situation and where you would like to be.
  • Your biggest challenges.
  • Why you are interested in coaching.