Learning Alone Can’t Create Change.

Ideas Are Only Valuable When Applied.

The secret to creating powerful and lasting change is having honest conversations among your team members followed by taking immediate action.

Think back on the most powerful conversations you have been a part of in your life thus far. I can make a pretty solid guess that they did not happen sitting around a boardroom table or while someone clicked through an 83 slide PowerPoint presentation, while the audience was bored and secretly checking their emails.

Wondering what happens at the end of most professional development? Nothing! Yep… you heard that right. Most people just return to their old habits and end up with no long-lasting measureable results.

Your team deserves better.
It’s Time to Change the Learning Equation.
We know Learning ≠ Outcomes.

Learning + Behavior Change = Skill Outcomes = Business Outcomes

Without behavior change, learning evaporates before it can help employees build the skills needed to meet critical business priorities.

Introducing the…..
Strategy Activator
A Simple Three Step Process:

Step One:  Provide the Framework for the Conversation

We focus on ONE Single Business Concept to provide a solid framework for the discussion.  For example:  Thriving In Times of Uncertainty, Reimaging Work, Breakthrough Thinking, Developing Your Coaching Skills, Creating Habit Change, to name a few.

Questions that I will ask you before to ensure you get you the results you are looking for include:

  • What is the business outcome you are looking to achieve and how will you measure it?
  • When this is a wild success in three months, how is your team acting differently?
  • What are the desired behaviors needed to move the needle forward?

Step Two: Engage In Real Conversations with Your Team

The real experts in the room are your team members, not the person at the front of the room.

After the framework is presented it provides your team with a new lens or perspective to look through your current business challenges and opportunities with fresh eyes, providing new insight on existing challenges.

“Our work, our relationships and our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time.”

Susan Scott, Fierce conversations

Step Three: Take Immediate Action on These New Insights

What did I learn how will I apply it?  At the end of each conversation everyone on the team will make one small commitment, set I up in our habit builder, and will track their progress for 21 days.

Real progress, in real time, which leads to measureable change.

What does the 21 day habit builder entail? Basically, The Habit Builder combines technology and behavior science to create powerful change in teams and organizations.

We’ve applied the research from top behavioral scientists like BJ Fogg and Charles Duhigg to allow teams to build new skills based on the information they learn together in The Ideal Outcome Experience.

 Our process reinforces habit change over 21 days by reminding employees about the change they want to make, asking them to assess their progress, and giving them the option to enlist an accountability buddy to provide support.

This helps your team embrace the behaviors needed to achieve your business outcomes, and turns those new behaviors into lasting habits.

Better Conversations = Better Relationships
Better Relationships = Higher Engagement
Higher Engagement = Better Business Results

I had the privilege of hiring Shawn to coach my team here at LinkedIn and it was very successful. He received the highest NPS score of the year. Shawn offers a unique perspective and brings content to the table in a way that is both engaging and easy to replicate. I've also had the opportunity to work with Shawn outside of my current role and will continue to do so into the future.

—Perry Monaco
Manager of Customer Success