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8 Essential Conversations Leaders Need To Have With Their Teams

Elevate your learning programs, taking them from training events to learning that creates measureable change. Imagine if you could have your content – values, strategy, change initiatives, cascading through your organization and you could see the sustainability and traction its gaining over time through real, measurable behavior change. Launching company wide initiatives, or painting your corporate values on the wall might feel good, but a great company culture is built on ongoing conversations.

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Goals & Priorities

Talk about your vision for the coming year that helps connect your team to a common and unifying purpose.

Solving Problems

Based on the 70:20:10 model, leaders can impact 90% of learning in team discussions to brainstorm and problem-solve, based on group ideas and experiences.

Progress Updates

Annual reviews aren’t enough to make adjustments in today’s fastpaced environment. Try social project tools and figure out how to track progress as a team.

Offering Guidance

Instead of taking over to solve or micromanage, try asking “what’s the real challenge for you?” or simply “what’s on your mind?” to open the discussion.

What's Not Working

Don’t avoid talking about what isn’t working well. Addressing issues soon after they happen gives you a greater chance of solving them.

Celebrating Wins

Research suggests recognition can influence employee engagement by as much as 41%.2

Personal Stuff

Empathy, including connecting personally with your team, has one of the biggest impacts on overall job performance.3

Everyday Life

Small moments of candor can open the door for a more meaningful conversation.

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