Planning an event, big or small, can be stressful.

I totally get it.

Booking venues, speakers, developing flyers to promote the event, etc….

The list can be overwhelming.

Although I can’t take away all of your stress (sorry, I wish I could).

I can promise to deliver an engaging, memorable presentation that your audience will LOVE.

And providing you with a little peace of mind and an opportunity to check one BIG item from your “To Do” list.

I’ve spoken to thousands of people who are living with diabetes, to those who care for those who have diabetes and everyone in between.

I am known for my real, engaging style, and no BS style, and my dogged determination to make diabetes a lot less scary for people.

I share from my experiences and I tell stories that move people to take action to get the life they want to live!

I can do presentations in person, via webinars or via teleseminar. If you’re interested in having me speak to your organization, please contact me at [email protected].

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