Diabetes Speaker, Author & TV Host

Years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and after years of learning everything I can about the body, traveling the world teaching others how to live well & happy with the disease, and being a tireless advocate for those living with and caring for those with diabetes, I am proof positive that you can have a full and healthy life despite this diagnosis.


I travel the world helping health care providers better serve their diabetic patients.

I speak to those living with diabetes and I share my journey and my commitment to live happy and well in the hopes that I will inspire just one more person to embrace the disease rather than feel victimized by it.

I give keynote addresses and host workshops for corporations, governmental agencies and health care organizations all over the world.

I play hockey every chance I get.

I am the former chair the Canadian Diabetes Association’s National Advocacy Council, and I lead advocates in getting coverage of insulin pumps and test strips in provinces across the country.

I host the Sugar Free Shawn Show where I bring in experts to share their best advice on living well, with or without diabetes.

That’s because I care about you and the people you care about.

Through my TV show and live speaking engagements, you’ll learn how to live well and happy with diabetes and then spread the love to those who need it most.

Life is Sweet

Learn the uplifting story of how Shawn took the diagnosis of type one diabetes and a history of Huntington’s disease in his family and turned it into leading his dream life.

Shawn will share exactly how he did it, and how YOU can apply the lessons to your life immediately.

YOU will learn:

  • The power of getting clear on what you want, and how you can get clear NOW
  • The fuel that will keep you on track and get you through the toughest challenges
  • How to move into ACTION immediately.

Life is Sweet Infographic

You will leave feeling inspired, and have tools to apply to your life immediately.

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It was unprecendented, yet necessary, to include Shawn Shepheard as the first male keynote speaker at a DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women Conference. Shawn related with everyone in attendance, providing inspiration, humor and attainable goal-setting to our community. Shawn's great disposition, pristine preparation, and eagerness during our entire weekend - not only during his session - made him standout as an integral part of our event. Thank you, Shawn, for sharing of yourself - successes, challenges, good, and bad - those shared experiences make us better equipped to manage diabetes better!

—Anna Norton, MS

Shawn is fantastic as a speaker on diabetes and making life-changing choices. He is so positive, and his story so authentic, that audiences are immediately engaged in his presentations. Shawn challenges audience members to find their 'why' and make the changes they need to in order to live well, with or without diabetes. I would highly recommend Shawn for your event!

—Todd Nason
Lifescan Canada