Shawn Shepheard

Find the solution that is perfect for you:


Like watching your favorite team on TV, you like to watch the action from a distance and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

You like reading about leadership and taking personal development courses.

Weekend Warrior

You love to get into the action and experience the game first hand. You can laugh at yourself, experiment, fall down, get back up and have a good time.


You have a deep desire to learn, grow and get measurable results. You are committed to continuous improvement. To accomplish your goals, you enlist the services of a coach, or a few coaches and are always striving for improvement.

You compete with yourself and feel great when you accomplish goals that you once thought were impossible.

Think about the journey and dedication of a new marathon runner.


Just like a professional athlete, you are ALL IN.

You are 100% committed to your success. You practice every day, you review what’s working and what’s not, you make adjustments, are open to learning and take your results seriously.

You know that to be your best you need the enlist a winning and supportive team around you.