Are you a business owner who is ready to play at the pro or elite level?

Are you ready to start making it easy for your happy customers to spread the word about you so that you can have consistent and ongoing growth?

Stop and read this before going any further …

“Before working with Shawn I didn’t have anyone to keep me focused and accountable on the growth of the business. I am much more focused now on working on the business, and not caught up in the day to day. He is genuine, diligent and has a great strategic mindset, working with Shawn has been game changing.”

– Kevin Cassidy Founder
President of Cassidy Paving Haverhill, MA

Imagine :

● Feeling a sense of peace because you know your business is generating leads 24/7
● Having a simple, repeatable, and customized way to build solid referrals
● Attracting superfan customers because your marketing embodied your unique personality
● Positioning your business and brand strategically, so you stand out among competitors
● Winning more customers and having fun while you do it! Oh, and all without having to overpay a marketing agency that just doesn’t get you.

Look, we know that your current clients LOVE you. And, it’s no wonder - you and your company are great at what you do and you always find a way to add a personal touch.

But, up until this point, you’re struggling to find new business.

You probably know this, but you’re stuck in some old thinking and habits that are holding you back. Not to mention, everyone and their grandma these days feels qualified to give you marketing advice, like …

“You need to be on TikTok! Are you doing at least 4 dancing TikToks a day??”

“YouTube! The one Internet guru says you need to hire an assistant to follow you around with a camera and put it on YouTube!”

“Cold messaging, bro. Hire someone from Upwork to message 100 LinkedIn contacts a day.”

The advice is well-meaning, but it’s overwhelming and often not the right strategy for your business.

Take a deep breath, because you’re about to see how easy it can be to get your best customers
playing for your team.


Right now, I know that you’re completely fed up with feeling like you’re on the marketing treadmill …

Your business is established, so why aren’t more customers raising their hand to work with you?

You’re consistently frustrated that what brought in customers in the beginning doesn’t seem to work now.

You’re tired of seeing your competitors and other small businesses act silly on social media only to see the success you think you deserve (and, frankly, should have by now).

Oh, and – meanwhile – the cost of everything keeps going up, so strategies like paid advertising
seem more risky by the day.


Here’s what I want you to understand about growing your business …

It’s actually much easier than you think.

And it doesn’t involve constantly promoting your PRODUCT.

Yes, as an entrepreneur the product or service you provide is very important.

But here’s the deal:

As sales expert Jeb Blount says, “People buy YOU.”

You’re not some faceless company dropshipping widgets on Amazon, you’re a business with a soul.

You LOVE your clients and you’re obsessed with serving them – you just want more of the amazing clients you already have.

Ready to finally grow your business?

Introducing: Love Your Customer or Someone Else Will

A full-day workshop for established small business owners who are profitable and want to get to the next level so they can stop stressing, make more sales, and actually have fun being their own boss.
When you join me in this workshop, you’re going to walk away with the winning playbook used by my top clients. You will learn how to find the most ideal client for your business, who will pay, stay, and refer.
This is NOT a pitch for a marketing agency that wants to sell you a cookie-cutter marketing and advertising plan – only to leave you disappointed because the marketing didn’t fully represent who you truly are and didn’t bring in new clients.
Instead, during this day-long workshop, I’m going to teach you the exact strategies that will immediately get your ideal clients’ attention and help your business stand out in a crowd.

Here’s what you’re going to learn when you enroll in Love Your Customer or Someone Else Will:

● The marketing and branding strategy that will bring your most ideal clients directly to you
● How to strategically and tactfully ask for referrals from your best client
● The time-blocking technique that will give you back hours a day so you can spend more time paving the way for referrals
● How a strong morning routine will keep you focused and improve your stamina
● The mindset hack that can change the way you see your business and help you bring in 10x more customers
● How actionable conversations can generate more customers and more referrals for your business
● The secret to creating customer experiences that will have them screaming about you from the rooftops
● How to automate a consistently amazing client experience that will encourage referrals
● And so much more!

“Inspiring, thought-provoking, and quickly able to see a broad landscape involving multiple disciplines. Shawn knows when to push, when to simplify, and is quickly able to identify which coaching practices will lead to the most significant results. Shawn has a unique ability to see a bigger and better vision with you and will bring you step-by-step through the journey. You’ll see bigger improvement than you ever thought possible. Strap in and enjoy the process!”

– Scott Johnson
Director of Marketing

“Since I started working with Shawn I have been much more focused and intentional on doing the things that lead to faster and bigger results. He is intense (in a good way), likable, and keeps me laser focused on investing time doing the activities that I am great at. His strategic mindset has helped me create new opportunities. If you want to up level your game, look no further.”

– Jay Culbert
Director Facilities Services Kaloutas Peabody, MA

Hi, I’m Shawn Shepheard, and I’m a big fan of that scene in When Harry Met Sally …

Yes, that one.

See, I want your customers to be so satisfied with their experience that it will inspire anyone
around them to say:

“I’ll have what they’re having.”

In my [XX] years of working with small business owners, I’ve learned that – while digital marketing trends may come and go – the most reliable method of growing your business is the one that generates customer referrals.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before …

Someone you know and trust has a great experience with a real estate agent, a doctor, a lawyer, a landscaping company, a CPA or some other service-based business, and the outcome was so spectacular that they can’t stop raving about it to anyone who will listen.

Their excitement and passion cements the integrity of that business within your mind and it’s likely that, when you need the same service, you’re going to go directly to that business for help.

Leads who come to you by referral sign up faster, look at fewer competitors, and have virtually zero resistance to paying your fees. Give them a great experience, and the cycle of referrals continues.

It’s that easy.

You’re perfect for this if you’re:

● Coachable
● Fun and humble
● Willing to do the work and take action
● The kind of person who takes your work seriously, but not yourself

Note: I have a strict no jerk policy.

“I had the privilege of hiring Shawn to coach my team here at LinkedIn and it was very successful. He received the highest NPS score of the year. Shawn offers a unique perspective and brings content to the table in a way that is both engaging and easy to replicate. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Shawn outside of my current role and will continue to do so into the future”

– Perry Monaco
Customer Success Leader at Linkedin

“For several years the highlight of our annual conference has been Shawn Shepheard. The audience is laughing one moment, dabbing at a tear the next and all the while being challenged and inspired. He delights all ages and backgrounds and his message is universal. At a recent conference, an octogenarian said, “Shawn teaches me something new about life each time and I am so energized now!!!” And THAT is why we have him back each year.”

– Casey Truffo
Be A Wealthy Therapist Orange County, California

Now is the time for you to step up to the plate and play a bigger game than ever before! Join me for this full-day workshop to learn the secrets of growing your business on referrals. Click the link below to reserve your spot!