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12 people. 1 garage. Endless creation.

You gain so much power from a mastermind event. It’s a chance to bring together people from all kinds of industries and backgrounds. Guards drop, hard questions get asked and passions soar.

Find out about the 3 biggest takeaways from Shawn Shepheard’s mastermind event hosted at LinkedIn headquarters in Toronto.

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From the Huffington Post

My Confessions After Committing to a Mastermind Business Group

For a long time it was snake bites. After that it was death by drowning. In between I defaulted to various embarrassing social scenarios.

Our mind can create all types of fears… some of them real, others not so much.

When it comes to my new career, I have been fearful from the start.

A few years back I decided to take the plunge, throw social norms to the wind and left my long-time career as a journalist.

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From the Huffington Post

Stop Acting So Small- Why Business Dreams Die

Is this another one of those inspirational, rah-rah, let’s all be positive and chase our dreams quote?

Yes. It is.

Are you rolling your eyes?

If I read this 5 years ago, I would have felt that this was just another fluff saying for people who didn’t live in reality.

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