Shawn Shepheard

You Know That Vision You Have Always Wanted For You & Your Company?

But Struggle to Find The Time To Make It Happen?

I Turn Your Vision Into A Real Strategy, That Provides You With Clarity & Strategic Focus, That Results In New Opportunities & Income.

Helping Family-Owned Businesses Get To The Next Level, Without Working 24/7

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Stop Stepping in

Unlike other shows about small business success, only we focus on the hard and hilarious moments someone made a stupid mistake – and the changes they used to brush it off.

What Others Say About Shawn


“Shawn was one of our highest-rated presenters at our 2023 show. He was great to work with – tailored his presentation to our audience. Always positive and upbeat in our time of working together. I look forward to working with him again!”

- Cheryl Higley
Director of Education and Content
Snow & Ice Management Association

“Before working with Shawn I didn’t have anyone to keep me focused and accountable on the growth of the business. I am much more focused now on working on the business, and not caught up in the day to day. He is genuine, diligent and has a great strategic mindset, working with Shawn has been game changing.”

– Kevin Cassidy
Founder & President of Cassidy Paving Haverhill, MA

Shawn is a rare gem in the business world. He cares deeply about others and is absolutely committed to challenging his clients to be the best version of themselves. He lives and breathes coaching and is dedicated to excellence. It's such a pleasure to work with Shawn and his network of talented genuine business stars. He calls it as he sees it and his frankness has helped me grow significantly!

- Mark Bloodworth
Founder of Lifeblood Performance
Melbourne, Australia

I’m Shawn

I’m the coach that won’t make you feel stupid.

I work with family-owned business leaders who have a long track record of success and help them continue to grow their business and profits, without working 24/7.