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There are a few very important things my top clients have in common.

They have been knocked down many times, and they keep getting back up – a pattern that typically results in their having a long track record of entrepreneurial success. They are honest – both with themselves and the people around them. They don’t hide behind BS or bureaucracy. They are curious; always learning and growing.

Perhaps most importantly, they really care about their growth – and the growth of the people who work for them. They are wholeheartedly committed to going after the life they want, and they create opportunities for others to do the same.

The challenge that I’ve noticed for a lot of these leaders is that they get to a certain level of success, and then they get stuck. They realize that they need to start thinking differently if they want to move their business forward. In other words: what got them to where they are going to get them to the next level.

That’s usually when I get a phone call.

In my career, I’ve been honoured to have a front row seat to some huge transformations in the lives of the people I coach – not just from a business perspective, but personally as well. In all of these cases, the individuals at the centre of these transformations have been committed to three things: taking action, reviewing those actions, and making adjustments where needed. These individuals know that the growth is in the doing and the reviewing.

Working with Shawn has been a gamechanger. He asks the right questions that make me dig deep and ensure I am laser-focused on what I want to achieve. I believe Shawn’s coaching style is unique and differentiates him from the typical coach. I feel that he genuinely cares and pushes me to drive towards being my best self. He doesn’t accept wimpy or vague answers and calls me out (in a great way) if I am sliding from what I said I would deliver. Our sessions are filled with laughter as Shawn is not only astute but has a great sense of humour. Whether you are an executive or entrepreneur, Shawn’s coaching will accelerate your growth and success both professionally and personally.

—Sandy Weir
Owner of Smooth Wax Bar

The Strategic Focus Signature Retreat

This invite only retreat is for growth minded leaders that are serious about leveling up this game in 2022, and taking ACTION. This is not a sit passively and take notes experience.

I have had the privilege of working with world class business leaders and they have a few things that make them stand out from the crowd.

The two day retreat will focus on these areas:

What does winning look like?

“Always make your future bigger than your past.” – Dan Sullivan

In the world of sports, we need to know the rules of the game and how to succeed. In other words, we need to know what winning looks like. When it comes to our own personal and professional growth, we need to get clear on what winning looks like to us. Some people call this ‘vision’ – and it looks different for every one of us.

Are you playing to your strengths?

On a hockey team, everybody has their role. Everybody on the team is playing to their strengths, and when people are playing to their strengths, everybody wins. So, my question to you is: what are your strengths?

Focus like a champion?

“Winning is simple. Wake up every day and do the things that everyone else avoids.” -Jim Rohn.

The importance of owning your schedule, of setting aside time to focus on the things that matter every single day, cannot be overstated.

Think about how most people start their day (maybe this includes you.) They wake up in the morning, and while they’re still under the covers, they reach for their phone and start diving into their emails and messages. Before they’ve even gotten out of bed, they’re letting somebody else (or lots of somebody else’s) drive their day.

What’s the score and how do we improve on it?

Imagine you’ve missed the first period of the game, and you’re just now getting around to turning on the television. What’s the first thing you look at?

The score.

When it comes to ourselves and our businesses, do we know the score every day? Can somebody walk into your office and know if you’re winning or losing? Probably not. So, we want to actually look at a way of determining success. Then – and this part is crucial – we must review the game film.

Often, as organizations, we’re nowhere near that level of quick. Some don’t even look at what’s working outside the scope of an annual review, and we all know those simply don’t work. So, how are you keeping score? And how are you reviewing it?

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Coming in 2022…….

The Coaching Advantage

A program to equip managers with the skills to lead better coaching
conversations with their teams

Your company invests a tremendous amount of resources in finding, engaging and keeping strong employees. But do we invest in the leaders who will be coaching them? Famous leaders like Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, and Steve Jobs all had great coaches in their corner.

Extensive research tells us that coaching can lead to improved individual and bottom line performance, and individuals feel a greater sense of ownership and accountability for the outcome as a result.

The Strategic Focus Advantage – Thinking and Acting Like An Entrepreneur

Whether you own your own business, or are part of a team, entrepreneurial thinking will have you stand apart from the crowd.

Shawn has a long track record of working with successful entrepreneurs and will show you some the key things that they do differently.

This is not a sit back and take notes course, get ready to learn, apply, review and get results like you never experienced before.

The Brand YOU Advantage

Personal branding has become a popular term, but let me be clear this is NOT about being a social media “influencer” or so called “expert”.

It’s about getting clear on YOUR unique voice, the challenges your audience faces, and how you help them solve their challenges.

It’s all about serving your audience on a consistent basis, in a way that is
unique to you.

At The Leadership Advantage, we look into personal branding beyond the whole ‘influencer’ aspect. We help you flesh out exactly what you are, what you stand for, and how to serve your audience in a way unique to them.