Creating Your Gold Medal Year in 2024

A VIP Invite Only One Day Intensive

Hosted by Shawn Shepheard

Exclusively for Shawn’s Clients and their Leadership Teams.

If you want the rare and valuable skill of mapping and executing a year for your business and life, that creates growth, builds a powerful you, and nurtures the relationships you care the most about…

Are you someone that's extremely motivated to lead your business & life on your own terms?

I want to invite you into a new possibility for next year. Because it's time to leave the frantic pace, the world of chaos, and the path of following what others do behind in 2023. And usher into 2024 a peak performing business, and life that lights you up, hits goals with and allows freedom to do the things important to you.
You'll not only get a high-level plan for your business growth this year it will be stress-tested against your personal goals & lifestyle.
It’s time to get off the business dominating your life rollercoaster that not only zaps your energy, but sacrifices relationships with the people most important to you.

Want to know a secret?

There are a heaping pile of ambitious top performers crawling to the finish line because they’re feeling exhausted and worn out by their business, questioning if the sacrifices they’re making in the name of growth are REALLY worth it…

In one day, you'll:

  • Get really clear on your targets & goals.
  • Map everything in one place to get a high-level map of your year.
  • Stress test your plan so it doesn’t overwhelm you.
  • Create certainty that it’s the right plan for you and your business, RIGHT NOW.
  • Unpack all of your personal commitments.
  • Feel confident you’ve got a year ahead of you, you ENJOY LIVING!

Our 3-Phase ISE Peak Planning Process

Phase #1:

Get Your Inner Game Right

If you don’t get into what I call the right identity state to map out your year, your inner game is misaligned from your future and you’ll end up with an uninspiring plan, making it easy for outside forces to derail you.

Phase #2:

Get Your Strategy Game Right

If you don’t get all the pieces of your life into your planning process, you’ll simply end up making sacrifices in your relationships & health you didn’t expect or want. This is why you want to ensure your planning framework for next year takes into account your entire life.

Phase #3:

Get Your Execution Game Right

This is often when the plan falls apart because most people put down a bunch of big wishes for their year, but don't put any legs under the body of their plan. This is why we’ll get the details of your gold medal year onto your calendar so you avoid the stressors of missed priorities, overlooked relationships, or abandoned goals.


Wednesday, January 24th

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM


$750 per person 


$3000 per Team (up to 5 people)